Director's Statement

The year is 2016 but there are still people in the world being forced to work against their will. This is a recurring problem rooted in human history and it needs to stop.

Haiti ranks fourth in the world in child trafficking, but it is well on its way to becoming the third. For a nation that has been hit with so much devastating catastrophe, we can no longer rely on the children of Haiti to bring their country out of the ruins of despair. They are the victims now, which puts the onus on us — people like you and me, and we must start now preparing them a better future 

Child trafficking is a debasement of our common humanity and it should concern every community because it tears at our social fabric. If you work in the business sector, child trafficking should concern you because it distorts markets. If you work in sustainability, child trafficking should concern you because it endangers public health and it fuels violence and organized crime. It concerns me as a filmmaker because while knowing all this, I cannot allow such travesty to go on so long as my crew and I can help it.

This is why Lalo’s House deserves to get made. If we are the choices that we make, then choose to support us in making this film come alive. Film has a golden opportunity to readdress the needs of the Haitian people and we are excited for you to help us be part of that journey.

- Kelley Kalí